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TS-590S HF/ 50MHz All-Mode Transceiver



Excellent RX performance with High Dynamic Range Front-End

500Hz and 2.7KHz narrow band roofing filter is built-in on down conversion type 1st mixer circuit (*1).

This Roofing filters and Down Conversion circuit exceeds our current models’ performance, especially on adjacent suppression characteristics.

For bands other than 1.8 / 3.5 / 7 / 14 / 21MHz, it performs at least equivalent level to the TS-480.

*1 : It is available at 1.8 / 3.5 / 7 / 14 / 21MHz Band. Only when the operation mode is at SSB/ CW/ FSK and less than 2.7kHz. The radio will use up conversion type circuit when operation mode is in the other band, mode, bandwidth or TX mode.

Easy operation

The TS-590S continues the TS-570, tradition of ease of use.

32bit Floating-point IF DSP for Rejecting Interference

• Changeable IF filter bandwidth:
• Auto NOTCH, Manual NOTCH (Wide/ Narrow)
• Noise Blanker (Digital, Analogue)
• Beat cancel function : BC1/ BC2
• Noise reduction function : NR1/ NR2

RX functions

• DSP AGC function (Changeable time constant) : AGC SLOW/ FAST/ OFF
• RX DSP equalizer function
• ATT, Pre-amplifier
• RF gain control, AF gain control, SQL level setting

TX functions

• Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner
• Speech processor function (IN/ OUT level setting)
• Changeable TX filter bandwidth
• TX monitor function
• TX DSP equalizer function
• VOX function (Gain control, Delay time setting)
• Power control, MIC gain control, CAR level setting

CW functions

• Break-in function (Full/ Semi, Delay time setting)
• CW PITCH control, side tone (synchronization)
• Electronic keyer (Key speed setting, Select squeeze A/ B mode)
• Memory keyer function (Max 4CH message memory)
• CW TUNE function
• Auto CW TX in SSB mode (Quick CW TX function)

FM functions

• FM Wide/ Narrow for TX/ RX function
• Sub-tone for Repeater operation
• FM signaling function (CTCSS, Cross tone)

FSK functions

• Basic setting for RTTY operation (Key polarity, Shift frequency, HI/ LO tone, FSK reverse mode)

Memory functions

• 100 CH memory with memory name
• 10 CH quick memory (Selectable 3/ 5/ 10 CH)
• Recall of direct memory channel

Scan functions

• Memory/ Group/ Programmable/ Slow scan
• Quick memory channel scan

Voice Guide & Storage

The optional VGS-1, voice guide & storage unit serves two roles: Enhanced Voice guide: Vocal confirmation of frequency, key operation, etc. Voice storage: 4 CH voice memory, 1 CH continuous reception recording for 30 seconds.

Choice of 2 Backlight Colours for the Large Display

The TS-590S has a large TN LCD display. You can switch the colour of the LCD backlight between amber and green.

Dynamic Twin Cooling Fans for Heavy Duty Operation

When used for extended periods, the heat build-up inside a transceiver can be a serious concern, reducing its working life. However, the TS-590S is designed to whithstand heat with twin cooling fans. These fans are able to generate a powerful airflow with a very low level of fan noise. This makes possible continuous transmission without power reduction.

USB port for PC Contorol and Sound(*1) interface

The ARCP-590 radio control program enables simple control of the TS-590 from a PC. The TS-590S has a USB port for simple connection to a PC.

* 1 : The USB port is not suitable to use for real time audio voice communication, because it will make some delay by nature of USB interface specifications. It is recommended to use for recording received audio.


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TS-590S HF/ 50MHz All-Mode Transceiver

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